30 November 2008

DePaul University

3 Sept 2005. DePaul is right off an El train stop in upper Chicago. DePaul blends in nicely with the urban setting, not trying too hard to stand out, knowing that Chitown is a huge place without a long enough attention span to stop and observe. Small bookstore for a huge campus. Again, acknowledging that a bevy of locally owned campus supply shops would pop up no matter how much retail square footage was committed by Barnes & Noble. They were founded on religious principles, specifically Vincentian. I don't know what Vincentian means, so it's probably like Jesuit, meaning they are good at starting colleges but not so great at keeping members. When was the last time you met a Jesuit or a Vincentian?
If you are liking the logos here, go ahead and kill an hour at SportsLogos.net. The public comments on the logos crack me up. For example, they encourage Marvel comics to sue, claiming that DePaul stole the Nightcrawler character from X-Men. The collection at that site dwarfs anything that will be displayed on the CCP. Now if you don't mind, I have to tend to an 'unlawful verbiage' subpoena from the Dwarf Anti-defamation League.

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