16 November 2008

California State University, Long Beach

2 April 2005. Southern California entices you to live there with its sunny moderate climate. Southern California dares you to live there with earthquakes, wildfires, high cost of living, horrendous motorcar traffic and the accompanying smog. This day happened to be disaster-free, and after utilizing the thinly-stretched public bus system, I arrived at Long Beach State, or simply, "The Beach" as their marketing literature calls it. School was in session and it was a brilliant day that the student body had anticipated for a while. The sky was cloudless and Earl Warren Drive was free of detritus save for fallen palm fronds. The atomic fountains misted passersby and the big blue Walter Pyramid distracted pilots approaching Daugherty Field. Yes, this was a day that orientation brochure photographers dream of. They even had an outdoor swimming pool at their student center, but it seemed like a necessary luxury in this environment. And outdoor escalators too! Who has outdoor escalators?
The two story built-in bookstore had a wide selection of - oh, what's this? A big tumbler in an uncollected color? I simply must have it!

Brother Mathias.

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