07 December 2008

University of Illinois at Chicago

3 Sept 2005. What a delight the UIC bookstore was. Two-storied, with entrances on both ends and a shared open wall to the student center. There was ample space to merchandise a wide array of goods and still have enough elbow room for comfortable navigation. It is an urban campus, but unlike DePaul, it is contained in its own little area of Chicago, east of the Loop. It's a short walk from the UIC-Halsted El stop - as one would hope - and a new neighborhood is evolving to cater to the non-academic needs of the students and faculty. I recommend the beverage selection at Morgan's @ Maxwell. But they will not dispense your drinks in a too-fat-for-one-hand transparent insulated tumbler.
As far as the athletic logo, it seems a bit gruesome to stylize a great disaster in your city's history, but why stop at a building engulfed in a conflagration when you could show turn of the century tenement dwellers reaching up to the sky, praying for the sweet release of death as they...okay, my point has been made. Go Flames!

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