09 November 2008

James Madison University

There is no specific date for the JMU entry as I have collected a few along the years. Only a handful are shown in this photo here. There are two generic giant tumblers that fit in with the rest, a couple of pilsners that reveal the Duke Dog's face at the bottom of the glass when you finish your Dominion root beer, a glass bottle filled with purple and gold candies, a bulldoggin' reusable travel mug that I actually designed for a contest, a commemorative Madison Century soda bottle, an insulated stadium cup, and various other plastic throwaways. The 'Duke Dog and JMU' design has been replaced in some instances solely by the Duke Dog's head and collar for simplicity's sake. Other than the 'what does a duke have to do with a bulldog?' question, this logo is solid in layout and color. It could use more purple, but the two color version satisfies that argument.
In December 2004, JMU won their first Division I-AA football national championship without even playing a game in Harrisonburg. They were the first team to win four straight road games on their way to winning the title: Lehigh, Furman, William & Mary, and Montana (at a neutral site in Chattanooga).
JMU is another school in the Appalachians, specifically the Shenandoah Valley, an underrated part of the country visually and naturally. Be warned, Interstate 81 always has heavy truck traffic (as a north-south alternate to Interstate 95) but get around that and you will find civil war history, small town hospitality, gorgeous scenery, and open air poultry tractor trailers. Pluck 'em if you got 'em.

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