05 October 2008

Towson University

1 Oct 2004. I only had a half-hour to find TU's bookstore, race in, quickly peruse the selection and make a purchase, and race back to the Towson Center before we faced off against the Tigers! I made it there just as they were closing. The staff allowed me in and I found a hardy little cup, the bubble-filled plastic giving your flat Fresca an appearance of new life. Thankfully, Towson had recently upgraded their logo from the old one that frightened little children with its gargoyle-like sneer, pictured below. A simple bold logo on a simple bold cup makes the Towson Tumbler one of my favorites.
Later on at William & Mary I saw the same bubbly style (but with green plastic) yet I could not allow myself to dilute the awesomeness that I found in suburban Maryland.

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