19 October 2008

Hofstra University

6 Nov 2004. Hempstead, Long Island, New York. In between Kennedy Airport and Theodore Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill lies Hofstra, home of the...Pride. Hey, let's upgrade the sweetness of the Flying Dutchmen moniker for an improvement I hope?! No, just some big hairy cohabitating cats. But back in 2004 the nickname was still in limbo and there was not much of a logo to speak of. This nondescript tumbler is one of the worst on the list. The campus, a collection of brilliantly gray skydorms, is redeemed by a funky pedestrian tunnel bridge and the Islanders' arena next door. Hey, Hofstra's in the news for hosting the final 2008 presidential debate so this is a nice coincidence.

On this same day 400 miles south in Harrisonburg, a full and excited stadium witnessed this.

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