28 September 2008

Texas State University

10 Sept 2004. Some universities, noting the impending boom in eligible applicants, have realized that the scales of higher education are starting to tip in favor of the students. Community colleges and online classes are exploding. Students are taking general education classes while still at home, avoiding the costs of room and board. To lure the kids back to their dorms, they are starting to offer perks that seemed unimaginable even a generation ago. Catered meals, free transportation, and extravagant student gyms complete with waterslides are some of the carrots on the end of the academic stick. But then these institutions are saddled with the responsibility to still emphasize that their school is first and foremost a place of learning, not leisure. Some schools, however, cannot be bothered to put on such high airs. You can make your own conclusion about Texas State University in San Marcos (formerly Southwest Texas State), which has a 'lazy river' running behind the Bobcats' Strahan Coliseum and through campus.
As an aside, I picked up this fat little tumbler at the souvenir table during a volleyball match.

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