12 October 2008

Virginia Tech

12 Oct 2004. Rae Ri! Ol' VPI! Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi! The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is located in Blacksburg in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, whose autumn vistas will long remain in your memory. Cassell Colisum, home to their basketball and volleyball teams, has steep concrete arches that would provide a good venue for Spider-Men- and traceurs-in-training. If my shoes only had a little more traction...! The classic VT logo that appears on many licensed products due to its simplicity in design and color graces this pint glass, with 'Tech Triumph' (school song? fight song?) on the reverse. My favorite pint in terms of layout.

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Pawl said...


I saw that you were going to be on the jeopardy on some forum... but then I couldn't comment on that forum since I wasn't a member but I clicked on your profile and it was linked here so I figured I'd respond here.

And then I saw it was about college cups and I just had to find Tech and so I did! (I go to Tech right now)

By the way, while technically, I suppose Tech Triumph is both a school song and fight song, I think more people refer to it as the fight song.

Oh. And I was really excited when I saw you on jeopardy today because I remembered that I saw you on Thursday (I didn't know you were from Reston then; the only thing I noticed was that you had the same name and facial expression as my friend) and then I saw that you were from around here (I work/intern where you live and also in Sterling [and live in Vienna]).

Anyways, I just wanted to wish you luck on the next rounds of jeopardy (though I think they're prerecorded so ... you're already done with them maybe?).

Now... to find my some schools on this blog that spark my interest...