07 September 2008

Western Kentucky University

30 July 2004. Unfortunately, each trip to a previous campus - save for Delaware - had bad weather, either soaking or steaming. But now, puttering through the pleasant little town of Bowling Green, the sun shone clear. This was the first convenient stop on a swing through the Ohio Valley (oddly enough, none of the schools were from the Ohio Valley athletic conference). The first of three was WKU. It was immaculately clean due to the finishing touches of the grounds crews before droves of Hilltoppers returned to the dorms. Even the "Diddle" on E.A. Diddle arena was spotless. I picked up two cheap polygonal tumblers that I was disappointed were not the same size as the others. If I were to visit again, I would not leave without a souvenir of their bulbous mascot, Big Red, posing provocatively below.

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