31 August 2008

Mount Holyoke College

March 2004. I holed up in a friend's dorm for the first half of spring break. The region around South Hadley, Massachusetts, is not the typical young person's idea of a vacation until you learn it is the home of Mount Holyoke and four other colleges. (I did not take the initiative to visit those schools.) Since MHC was not quite as commercialized as a big public university, their selection was sparse. I picked up a squat tumbler from their bookstore, not as an addition to the CCP but simply as a souvenir. As you can see the printing is not dishwasher safe. Later the same friend mailed me a shotglass and I decided to include schools that did not participate in Division I athletics - MHC competes in the Division III New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference.
On the same trip, I made a dental memory. Grabbing a late night bite at the main student center, I chipped my tooth on a piece of lettuce. But to credit the lettuce, it was a crunchy part of the leaf.

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