14 September 2008

University of Kentucky

31 July 2004. Another rainy day. It was a weekend morning in Lexington and the campus bookstore was closed! Could I possibly secure a cup from an off-campus vendor and still include it in the CCP? Oh what a conundrum! I decided: Yes. Well, we found one that was open - if I remembered the name I would gladly plug them here - and I picked up my first imprinted pint glass. The good thing about pint glasses is that they are the same size: pint sized.
Making it as far as the official bookstore only to find it closed had happened before. Literally, the day before in Nashville at Vanderbilt. But I was not resourceful enough 24 hours earlier to find an unofficial store. This occurred many times afterward: UMass Boston, Northeastern, Texas El Paso, VMI, and Missouri State. At that last location in Springfield, I had found a campus convenience store where MSU Bears mugs were on display. I could reach through the slot in the metal barrier and HOLD ONE but could not pull it through. (Don't worry I would have left money if I had been able to take it home.)

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