24 August 2008

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Early March 2004. The air was moist but it was hard to tell whether its source was natural or artificial. The young Spartans were away on their semester-splitting spring break. With the extra breathing room the maintenance staff was working double time to replace worn grass with bright new turf, soaked to the gills from misting sprinklers. The rolls of lawn were not the only thing about the campus that felt brand new; there was construction all over the place. I was visiting on official business, an odd location to hold a convention to be sure, but UNCG had just opened a massive addition to the student center and was eager to show off its newest asset. Even though classes were out of session, the university bookstore was open, thankfully, as I could not imagine the next time I would pass through G-Bo. Also lucky was the fact that UNCG, relatively unknown compared to the other schools I had visited, carried the same style of tumbler. This company gets around! Later the struggle to find the same cup led me to expand into mugs, shotglasses, etc. But for now, the collection of five stacked together quite neatly.

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