17 August 2008

University of Virginia

Sometime in 2004, one year before I discovered you can have a soft side for a town by spending a couple months living there despite its large private university being an athletic rival and consistently leapfrogging your hometown in "Best Places To Live" matrices, I found myself in Charlottesville purchasing another cookie cutter tumbler dotted with the sharp but somewhat anemic "V Saber" logo. If anyone knows the firm that contracts to make these collegiate licensed cups, let me know. I would gladly acknowledge them, but there is no etched copyright, company name, volume in either ounce or congius, nothing!
Fun fact: Did you know the founding of the University was one of three accomplishments Thomas Jefferson wanted etched on his gravestone? Yes, if you know a UVA grad or student, they have eagerly told you that many times over.

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