31 August 2009

Villanova University

25 Oct 2008. Nice looking glass here. Villanova's classy V logo, classy script, classy glass with the craggy punt to keep it interesting. (Saw this same style with the Vancouver Olympic logo in a petrol station in Alberta, so not as unique as I had hoped.) If only they weren't the generic 'wildcats' their athletic identity would be top notch.

Persephone, DDS, MBA (born Persephone Evelyn Bumbaugh, but when Persephone is your first name, that's really all you need) was a forward thinking alum of Villanova University, a religious affiliated school - probably Jesuit - outside Philadelphia. She had a 'sunk cost' outlook on life, refusing to let any past mistakes or accomplishments hold her back from any future ones. Her blonde hair also held this view, the voluminous curls threatening to explode off her scalp at any moment.
Anyway, she found it quite easy to put aside her full time dentistry duties to take up a consulting position with Proctor & Gamble Medical Services. Her DDS degree had served her well, but she was eager to try out her newly acquired MBA skills.
She loved the brand management team she was assigned to. Such a great work ethic and instant camaraderie with the half dozen other brand managers. Although Persephone was the rookie, the team knew a good idea when they heard it. Once they received the blessing of the Collegiate Licensing Association, Persephone was elected to present their recommendations to the VP of Medical Services.
"What have you got for us, Persephone?"
It was the portmanteau that launched a $325.6 million revenue stream for Proctor & Gamble. It was a slam dunk on all accounts. Persephone promptly resigned from P&G, batting 1.000 (that is, 1 for 1) in the medical marketing arena.
Persephone's later dabblings included Milton Bradley (Hofstratego), Colgate (DePaulmolive), and H.J. Heinz (William & Marinara).

Photographic rendering, Loudmouth Midwestern Marketing Dentist

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