03 August 2009

Loyola University Chicago

25 June 2008. Found at an off-campus store. The glass is thin and fragile like those Blue Moon pilsners you find at corporate bars. Don't know how it came home on the plane intact.

-A good Jesuit would never go on a service trip and make a jackass of himself.
-A noble Jesuit would never insist on getting drunk to incapacitation while on such a trip.
-A mature Jesuit would never throw a tantrum when they are restricted from wandering about the bad part of Chicago at night lest they be murdered.
-A kind Jesuit would never exclude their hosts from an impromptu New Year's party in the host's basement.
-An intelligent Jesuit would never overfill their jell-o tray with vodka which would then prevent it from solidifying.
-A proud Jesuit would never set said tray on the ground and drink out of it with straws as a group.
-A polite Jesuit would never vomit in the host's basement without cleaning it up.

But even a good Jesuit makes mistakes.

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