24 August 2009

Drexel University

25 Oct 2008. A new feature on the CCP is campus photos. There is one for Drexel below but in a few weeks they will start showing up regularly beginning with UNC Asheville. Getty Images will still act as stand-in when my photos turn out blurry and useless, which happens quite often!

"What do you want?"
"I want to sing - "
"You sing beautifully!"
" - without causing destruction!"
Maria shut up. No argument there. But this was an unnatural operation Mario was talking about. Dangerous too. Obviously, there were not many doctors who knew how to safely remove a dragon's pyrovox glands. She could not help but protest Mario's proposal.
"You would be giving away what makes a dragon a dragon."
Mario crushed the rocks under his feet.
"What makes a dragon a dragon is not about the smoke on its breath but the fire in its belly!"
Mario caught a spark of fright underneath Maria's normally strong exterior. He forced himself to lower his voice.
"I have made my decision. Do you stand by me?"
Mario relaxed. He walked over to Maria for a dragon's kiss, nuzzling her neck. He spread his deep blue wings and lifted off the ground.
"I love you, Maria."
"I love you too. Be careful!"
Mario headed west. 600 miles and the Appalachian mountains lay between him and South Bend.


Part 1: Notre Dame
Part 2: Toledo

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