08 June 2009

University of Maryland, College Park

7 Sep 2007. From the Comcast Center volleyball concession stand, filled with a Sprite-flavored beverage (may have been Sprite).

The University of Maryland mascot was named when President Theodore Roosevelt would ride full speed on his gelding, Chrysanthemum, up and down the streets of northeast Washington, D.C. Though he was simply giving tours to visiting dignitaries the quickest way he knew how, the spectacle would give permanent terror pains to the elderly professors and residents of the College Park neighborhood.
"Terror Pains?" replied the President. "Bully! I cannot think of another phrase better suited to describe the symptoms of your unfortunate gridiron opponents!"
An opium-addled newspaperman reported on the opening game of the football season using the term but mangled it into "Terrapin", a slow-moving land turtle (as opposed to the fast-moving land turtle).

Terror Pains? Bully!

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