20 April 2009

Texas Christian University

January 2007. The TCU area of Fort Worth was much greener than I ever imagined it would be. Large stately lawns in front of every hall, marble steps leading to their entrances, a kind of UVA feel. The bookstore was gutted for renovations, leaving a raggedy trailer as its stand-in. The low ceiling threatened visiting basketball recruits to this religious affiliated - probably Jesuit - school. This travel mug was the only affordable trinket. It is top heavy, the handle is too small to fit the proper amount of stabilizing fingers, and nothing about the removable lid says durable. Its saving grace, of course, is the blinding purple. Not too many schools have the utter gall to make purple its primary color. But then again not too many schools willingly name their sports teams 'The Horned Toads'.

"They musta turned him into a h-horny toad!"

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