13 April 2009

New Mexico State University

January 2007. Pistol Pete, who stole your weaponry? Pity the rugged rancher who is limited to a short range, if ultimately more useful, length of rope! Oh, what's this? They were under a haystack of pro-cartoon-firearm complaints the whole time! Well then, back to business as usual.
When NMSU brought their logo into the 21st century, they also took away their mascot's pair of six shooters. It wasn't long before they were restored. I am all for tradition over rampant political correctness - kids couldn't get a working gun that looks like that if they tried - but in this case, the lasso logo was better balanced. Pete looks kind of awkward now, like he is falling forward (perhaps he drew too late?) and will be goin' down shootin'.
The rocks glass is great, the first in this set. The weight and handfeel is top notch and the curved-in rim makes it unique although the printed design is nothing special. Las Cruces looked so sad when I passed through, covered in mist and fog. Don't get me wrong, the school looked put together but if Las Cruces was a face, it sincerely needed a shave. Is that part of its charm? I'm no New Mexican and will probably be only a tenth of one on my manliest days.

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