27 April 2009

Southern Methodist University

January 2007. Ooh, Texas! Not quite the stereotype where droves of cattle wearing ten-gallon hats work on oil rigs. I mean, a few were but they were probably just humoring the tourists. SMU is a religious affiliated school - most likely Jesuit - in a little enclave of Dallas called University Park, within view of downtown's intimidating highways and skyscrapers. I wanted mustang gear and I wanted it bad. Pardon? No shop on campus? A licensed store by the rush of freeway on-ramps only? Pedestrians are moving targets in Dallas I learned. I parked at a petrol station across the street and dared to jaywalk as the nearest crosswalk was blocks away. My thoughts turned to Frogger and his lifeless red body. But since I am typing this now, I made it. The store's collection of apparel was impressive but the drinkware selection was anemic. Get with the program, Barnes & Noble! Some people want more than a Bisphenol-A bottle with pink flowers and bubbly type. We also want horsies.

Pictured above: Hank Hill, Methodist

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