02 March 2009

University of New Mexico

25 Aug 2006. This is where the CCP starts to get interesting. It takes on a tinge of adventure, for the what in the name of the Hogwaller Ramblers am I doing in New Mexico? (There's a New Mexico now?) The good folks in Albuquerque can try all they might to show off their fine town as a real city with real city services like libraries and aquariums, but we all know their state is basically America's Mongolia. Big. Barren. Where wildlife die of thirst before they can make it to the interstate to commit suicide and where suburban-raised people curl up and bawl. UNM's campus, devoid of much botanical life, is still striking with its brilliant red and tan buildings. The energetic student population took over all the inner campus roads. They will take a bite out of your bumper and stuff your exhaust pipe with your lips, watch out. The tall ceilinged bookstore is big like the rest of the state, so all visitors can stay kicking distance away from each other. Unfortunately there were no cups with its flesh rippin' wolf mascot on it. A buoyant plastic stadium cup will have to do. I entered New Mexico...a boy...and left...no, barely escaped...a man. With frunky cactus breath.

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