30 March 2009

Liberty University

29 Dec 2006. Liberty is in Lynchburg in what may be fairly termed the middle of nowhere, Virginia. But for the middle of nowhere it has about thirty-seven colleges and universities, maybe more by the time you read this. And for the M.O.N. it's hard to get around. It is even difficult just to drive straight through and not end up headed toward Appomattox Court House. Nothing wrong with the historical site of Lee's surrender but how often in your life are you gunning to see it, ya reenacting weirdo? LU is some kind of evangelical Christian school - probably Jesuit - and I find it chuckleworthy that locals call their indoor arena the Jesus Dome.
Just like when Northeastern joined the CAA and added red to the school color repertoire, I was more excited than necessary to find a big red tumbler from the Big South. My thoughts now turn to Clifford the Big Red Dog. I imagine a small gas powered tractor, not unlike the ones on golf driving ranges, retrofitted with a shovel implement to clean up after his messes. And just who manufactures these huge custom shovels? Somewhere in small town USA, an entire mini-economy is dependent on giant dog waste.

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