02 February 2009

University of Minnesota

3 June 2006. It has been half a year since the last item was added to the CCP. This entry takes me to a state I had never visited before. It was summer break so there was an awkward stillness about the beautiful campus that abuts the Mississippi, but whose pedestrian bridges are flooded with nasty flies at night. Even the turn of the century grain mills look hip and retro. After returning from Minnesota I had heard that there are only two tolerable months to visit: May and June (or was it June and July?). I didn't plan it that way, but we saw the best of the Golden Gophers' home in Dinkytown. On the pint glass, Goldy is running away from a swarm of black flies on his way to a Lake Calhoun. Fun fact: the men's and women's ice hockey teams have two seperate arenas.

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