16 February 2009

Georgia Tech

1 July 2006. Here's another to add to life's big list of regrets: not visited The Varsity and gotten high-grade indigestion! Hey, sometimes it's not the food but the atmosphere. The Georgia Institute of Technology is integrated nicely into downtown Atlanta, something that Georgia State is rightfully trying to achieve as well. Their bookstore is one of those 'licensed' stores. You will find everything you will ever need with the school's logo, but still something is missing in its sterility. The wide tumbler earns its name - I can almost fit my entire head into it, or at least an adventurous guinea pig. The gold GT is forced together a bit awkwardly, but as well as could be expected from those two letters.
I find my thirst and appetite growing smaller as I grow older, so that the fat little tumblers (such as the Georgia Tech cup) are plenty filling in one sitting, whereas the tall tumblers are freakin' insurmountable. But they stack quite nicely and the reptilian part of my brain still finds their bright bold colors attractive. So they will continue to find a place in the College Cup Project, even if their status of 'cup' has been retired.

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