09 February 2009

Georgia State University

1 July 2006. I had heard awful things about this campus. Strictly a commuter school, no school spirit or atmosphere, sports coverage is lost in the Atlanta metromix. Perhaps GSU administration is listening to those cries - they are building and building and building. They are launching a football team, creating new on-campus housing by the barrelful, upgrading their sports conference from Atlantic Sun to Colonial, and flaunting their presence in the national academic rankings (especially in business and law). Their athletic logo is still a work in progress. Pounce is a cartoon blue panther who is not quite sure whether to be fierce or adorable. This frosted blue pint glass gives the apparent date of the school's founding - I suppose that is what the "13" signifies? It is frosted on the inside too so it's relegated to being a display glass and not for everyday use, though I'm sure it is perfectly safe and would not give me peanut cancer.

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