26 August 2010

Let It Ride!!!

NoBowls.com is letting me help out with an FBS/FCS college football "let it ride" contest. There isn't much online in way of I-AA contests, so I'm excited about it.

Finally...a college football pick'em for FCS fans!

The folks at NoBowls.com – The FCS Bracketology Website – are hosting a FREE College Football “Let It Ride" Contest. Pick one team from each conference, FBS and FCS (including independents), for a total of 27 teams. Once you submit your picks, you “let it ride” and stick with these teams for the entire regular season and postseason. Your teams will accumulate points as explained below, ending with one player being crowned the Season Champion! If it reaches 100 entrants, there will be also great prizes at stake! Get your entry in by Sept 2 at 5:00 PM EST, then check on the standings at NoBowls.com!

***Closed to new entries***

Regular Season Scoring
Win = 5 pts
Shutout Bonus = 5 pts
Blowout Bonus = 1 pt per 7 point margin of victory
Example: One of your teams wins 14-0. You earn 12 points (5 for winning, 5 for shutting out opponent, 2 for winning by 14).
Super Sweep Bonus = 50 pts
For any regular season week that your teams earn 100 pts using the first three rules, you get an extra 50 pts!

FCS team defeats FBS team = 100 pts
Finish with a .500 record or higher = 25 pts
Win 10+ games = 100 pts
Win conference = 100 pts

Postseason Scoring (FBS Teams Only)
Qualify for Non-BCS Bowl Game = 50 pts
Win Non-BCS Bowl Game = 100 pts
Qualify for BCS Bowl Game = 100 pts
Win BCS Bowl Game = 200 pts
Qualify for BCS Title Game = 250 pts
Win BCS National Title = 500 pts

Postseason Scoring (FCS Teams Only)
Qualify for 1st round game = 20 pts
Win 1st round game = 30 pts
Earn 1st round bye = 50 pts
Win 2nd round game = 75 pts
Win quarterfinal game = 100 pts
Win semifinal game = 250 pts
Win National Title = 500 pts

***Closed to new entries***

One entry per email address. Entries due Sept. 2, 2010, 5:00 PM EST. Prize availability based on minimum 100 entrants. For the purposes of the game, the following teams are listed as independent: Notre Dame, Navy, Army, Old Dominion, Georgia State, Lamar, Winston Salem State, Savannah State. Rules may be amended at any time without notice.

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