25 January 2010

University of Wisconsin, Madison

6 Aug 2009. Madison is no quaint farm town. They have a rush hour all their own. And downtown construction. And marauding hippies. I guess I kinda drove mostly around campus, through many one-way streets. I don't even know if I visited the official UW store, there were several in a row in that whole State and Lake area.

"The men need shaving swag bags, sir!"
"Send in the badgers."

The term 'Wisconsin Badgers' is a tribute to the brave brigades of badgerhounds who served in the American Civil War. The canine soldiers, clad in navy wool coats and hats, commonly called dachshunds or weiner dogs, were drafted to bring shaving supplies to the Union troops. The 'swag bags' included, among other accoutrement, badger hair lathering brushes.
At the University of Wisconsin, the Badgerhounds took the sports fields and courts until The Great War, when German terms, such as 'hound', fell out of favor. Thus they became, simply, the Badgers. The honor bestowed upon dachshunds was transferred to its dishonorable rodent prey, and the weiner dogs' badger hole of disrespect grew ever deeper.

Sie w√ľnschen mutton chops? Ich verlange SATISFACTION!

(You want mutton-chops? I demand SATISFACTION!)

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