25 May 2009

University of Utah

2 Aug 2007. Runnin' Utes? Da heck is that all about? Let's turn to My Cousin Vinny for explanation...

"Is it possible the two utes..."
"Eh, two what? What was that word?"
"What word?"
"Two what?"
"Did you say utes?"
"Yeah, two utes."
"What is a ute??"
"Oh excuse me, your honor. Two youths."

So Joe Pesci gives you your answer. Utah's mascot is a couple of New York roughs. The feather in the logo represents the ever-watchful eye of the pigeon, nature's surveillance camera.
Don't you think it's hilarious that I have a shotglass from U of U, on the east side of SLC? You know, from Utah, the Tee totaling State? That's what I was goin' for!
...Yeah, I'm gettin' tired of the cheekiness, too. But wait'll ya see the entry for BYU! The smarm'll fly!

Desire more Joe Pesci? Of course you do.

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